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For decades now, locks & keys have been the first line of defense when it comes to the protection of your homes and offices. You need to know - are your locks in good condition? Are they in proper shape to fight thefts and burglary? In this environment, where people are busy working round the clock engaged in different meetings and clauses, Tempe Locksmith Service comes with a complete range of locksmith services to take care of all your lock & key related needs. To ensure that you need not waste any valuable time of your productive day to look after the proceedings, we provide the finest locksmiths in Tempe. We are a leading brand that provides 24/7 locksmiths in Tempe, AZ. In addition, we are known as a cheap locksmith in Tempe AZ; no matter when you call us, even in the middle of the night, you’ll receive affordable services without being charged extra! We have been delivering locksmith services from over a decade now and we can proudly say that our business has spread through word of mouth. From residential to automotive locksmiths in Tempe AZ, we deliver a range of solutions under one roof.

Imagine you leave your house and return seeing your locks broken down and your house rifled through. In these cases, do not act irrationally. Just give us a call on 602-687-1386, and our capable locksmiths will take it from there. Our experts are trained with the latest technology and provide quality services anywhere and anytime in Tempe, AZ.

Who we are?

Differentiating ourselves from other business firms, Tempe Locksmith Service stands operating non-stop round the clock. We have built a reputation not just by providing the best locksmith services but also through the recommendations of our existing customers. This means with a long list of clients, it is our responsibility to deliver nothing but the best. With the expansion of the locksmith businesses, it is important to train our experts with first-hand tools so that we stay in line with the current trend of services and are able to deliver top-notch services every time, be it a lock installation, lock repair or key cutting.


Automotive locksmith services:

Coming out of a meeting, and seeing a broken car lock or a problem with the ignition switch can be a harrowing experience. Does it seem like an emergency? All you need to do is avoid taking the situation in your hands or take any more risks. Just call us. Tempe Locksmith Service is the leading automotive locksmith in Tempe AZ and will dispatch a team of experts capable of resolving any situation related to your car locks and keys. We are the most reputed automotive locksmith service provider with the ability to solve issues like missing keys, broken locks, ignition switch repair and also make transponder keys or provide installation for a complete security system. We are ready with our mobile vans which are equipped with the latest on spot services equipment and can reach the location within 15-20 minutes to help you regain access to your car.

Residential locksmith services:

Locks & keys depreciate over time, and it is your responsibility to keep a check on them from time to time. A poor lock is always a gateway to treasure for intruders who are always looking for chances to barge into your homes. It is in your best interest that you keep your locks in shape to avoid major damage. Don’t worry, you don't have to do an external amount of research to have your lock replaced. Tempe Locksmith Service is just at your doorstep offering an all-inclusive range of services delivered to you. Just keep this number - 602-687-1386 on your speed dial.

Need to upgrade your Home Security? Our team of experts not only assess your home security first hand but also help you upgrade your home security with the latest advancements. We deliver guaranteed expert services in the community and have the experience to provide the best solutions at prices that suit your budget.

Commercial locksmith services:

At Tempe Locksmith Service, we believe in staying updated with the latest tools and services to cater to the increased demand for locksmith services. We provide the finest solutions to not only residential customers, but also to commercial enterprises and at prices you might have never heard of. Be it anywhere in Tempe, AZ, anytime in the day or night, we have a guaranteed team of professionals who will reach your location within an hour and can handle all types of problems.

We have not limited ourselves to industries where locks & keys are of prime importance. We have expanded our business to all kinds of sectors like hospitals, or schools, wherein the management might not be aware of the situation they are in. We believe, locks & keys should be in shape at all possible ventures.  True to the recommendations of our existing customers, we at Tempe Locksmith Service work non-stop for 365 days a year and with unbeatable prices. From installing exit locks, keyless access to biometric locks, there’s a range of solutions you can avail from our locksmiths in Tempe, AZ.

24-hour Emergency locksmith services:

Locked out of your home? Never let these situations make you act impulsively where you end up calling some local technicians. Tempe Locksmith Service not only runs 24/7 but also has a team of technicians like no other. Trust us with your locks and the work is done without you wasting your time on it. Call the best locksmith in Tempe and let us take control of that situation. We in Tempe, AZ, have strategically placed our mobile vans so that as soon as a distress call is received, our team reaches your location within 15-20 minutes. 

You need not worry about extra charges if you call us in the middle of the night. That is the best part about us - we do not charge a single penny extra for our late-night services. Because, no hour is a non-operational hour for us.

What makes Tempe Locksmith Service the best?

We are known for providing the finest solutions in Tempe, AZ. Here are some of the reasons to support this statement:

Round-the-clock availability: 

Our services are available round the clock and are not limited by hours, be it at night or during the day. The same range of services run 24/7 with the same level of determination and focus by our team of experts.

Pocket-friendly prices: 

Our motto of delivering quality services with no hike in any pricing plans is an honest example of how we have come so far in being the best locksmith in Tempe, AZ. We respect our customers and value their money, so our pricing is designed in such a way that the customers come under no pressure when they avail of our services - the best and cheap locksmith in Tempe, AZ.

Unmatched speed:

We are known for our lightning-fast response and we still stick by it after being in the industry for years. Time is money they say, as so we value the time of our customers as equally as we value their money. All your lock & key needs are taken care of in Tempe, AZ by Tempe Locksmith Service who comes into the picture in lightning speed and makes your problems, disappear!

Top-grade tools:

Delivering the right quality services with outdated tools is not our style. We strive to resolve problems with the latest tools that satisfy our customers at one go. Our set of tools is rightly guarded with knowledge of our technicians making us the most effective locksmith in Tempe, AZ.

To discuss further or to get a free quote, call us on 602-687-1386.

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